Social Media, Educational Engagement and Ethical Boundaries

  In 2013, at the ‘6th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation’ in Seville, I presented this paper, which seems to capture some of the conversations I have been having recently, as more colleagues who were on the outside of the digital/e-learning world have begun, sometimes willingly, to migrate into that space. IContinue reading “Social Media, Educational Engagement and Ethical Boundaries”

Digital who? 

Last week, at JISC’s digifest event, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr Donna Lanclos offer ‘four provocations’: she blogged about them here: While I was interested in the broad sweep of what she had to say – and the conversations that followed in the Q&A, the Digital Native bit caught my attention particularly.Continue reading “Digital who? “

Writing for JISC about Social Media in Higher Education

After being named as one of ‘the 50 most influential higher education (HE) professionals using social media‘ by JISC, last year, I blogged for them in December about the way I’ve been trying to use Social Media in one of the course areas that I work in. The full post is at We also madeContinue reading “Writing for JISC about Social Media in Higher Education”