Student Grandmothers, mitigating circumstances, and process

Yesterday seemed to draw the issue of ‘student-shaming’, and the murky world of staff attitudes to student’s requests for extended deadlines, into the open.  The spur for this was a piece in the USA-based Chronicle of Higher Education, entitled To My Student, on the Death of Her Grand­moth­er(s).  The piece, written as a character, uses theContinue reading “Student Grandmothers, mitigating circumstances, and process”

De-weaponising Academic Challenge. Let’s lionise Vulnerability, and Leave ‘grit’ to the Self-help Gurus.

Ros O’Leary & David Webster In another post, we will reflect on the pedagogical responses that Higher Education practitioners might make to an atmosphere where ‘challenge’ is suddenly (partly due to a shift in the National Student Survey questions) a hot topic. There is a discourse, which we are seeing more of, related to theContinue reading “De-weaponising Academic Challenge. Let’s lionise Vulnerability, and Leave ‘grit’ to the Self-help Gurus.”

Is Socratic Dialogue really good praxis?

In contrast to recent collaborative posts, this one is all my fault. The only mercy is its brevity. I am not the first to suspect that the valourising of Socrates, not in terms of founding Western philosophy*, and all that, but in terms of character, and approach, was a little problematic. There’s a blog post,Continue reading “Is Socratic Dialogue really good praxis?”

Festival of Learning 2017: Reflections

I have recently had the privilege of organising (along with a team of people who actually made it happen) The University of Gloucestershire’s inaugural Festival of Learning. You can see more of the event, and get a real sense of the conversations, via the Storified Tweets at : There will be lots of video contentContinue reading “Festival of Learning 2017: Reflections”