Fruits of the pedagogic life

“How can we ever lose interest in life? Spring has come again And cherry trees bloom in the mountains.” ― Ryokan

David Webster

I am Dr David Webster, and this is the blog I use to ponder issues in Higher Education learning and teaching, (often, but not always, in a technology-enhanced context). I am also interested in educational uses of social media and related activities. I have other blogs, but there may be ‘leakage’ between my interests. There is also a profile piece, from a regional magazine, at

I am currently Head of Learning and Teaching Innovation at the University of Gloucestershire, and teach on the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics course there too. On twitter I am @davidwebster.

For my video-interview blog about philosophy & religion see  philosvids, or for my blog on religious/spiritual/philosophical matters see For some of my non-academic work, see my recent non-fiction piece for Holdbreaker.

There is probably more about my academic work in religion and philosophy on my official University profile.


[Why is it called ‘fruits of the pedagogic life’? – See the Samaññaphala Sutta..]

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