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Quality Assurance and Learning Technology

I recently spoke at the Advance HE Curriculum Symposium, and they kindly asked me to write up the talk, integrating reflections from the audience, for their blog. You can read the post HERE. The title was Hybrid learning and teaching: the role of Quality Assurance in ensuring accessible and equitable provision – and I triedContinue reading “Quality Assurance and Learning Technology”

Don’t cut yourself on all that edge

Contrarian Scepticism as pro-level passive-aggressive performance.  This was a Twitter thread, now posted here, trying to reflect on, extend and reconstruct a talk I gave at ‘Question Criticality’ Symposium at Leeds @CentreCelt in November 2019 about criticality/critical thinking in HE and wider contexts We often laud critical thinking, seeing a lack of it as sociallyContinue reading “Don’t cut yourself on all that edge”


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