What on earth is Google Jockeying?

Something I’ve just popped on our DigiSkills blog

Digital Skills

You might well ask!

Actually – the idea is that you have a person in the room (in my experiments this coming Semester, it’ll be a student nominated for that week) – who as the lecture progresses Googles key ideas and notions (and maybe pulls up pertinent pictures too) – and these are displayed alongside the powerpoint (or whatever) that the tutor is using.

What makes it more interactive is that students can send the Jockey (via some kind of Instant Messaging software) requests during the class. The tutor doesn’t know who requested – and no-one else need do: so if there are ideas that you don’t recall – IM the Jockey – and all the class will benefit.

I am going to have to work out how the messaging is best done, and the display stuff means I’ll be having a conversation with some technicians/Learning Technologists – but they…

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