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David Cutler writes:

In Neil Postman’s The End of Education: Redefining the Value of School, published in 1995, the seemingly clairvoyant social critic explains how “the computer and its associated technologies are awesome additions to a culture.” But, he continues, “like all important technologies of the past, they are Faustian bargains, giving and taking, sometimes in equal measure, sometimes more in one way than the other.”

Twenty years later, Postman’s words ring truer than ever. In my experience, technology has the powerful ability to help teach and illuminate, preparing young people to succeed in a world that champions digital expertise. Still, I try to remain vigilant and make purposeful use of technology, realizing when it is not only unnecessary but may even hinder intellectual growth and development.

Sometimes I choose to implement technology in my humanities-based classroom, and sometimes I choose not to.

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