Memes? Srsly? Can memes carry wisdom: neo-Haiku, cute kittens & social media.

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At the CESNUR (Centro Studi sulle Nuove Religioni) 2015 conference, I presented a very brief, conversational, paper about memes. It was rather speculative, but may interest/amuse readers of this blog. I am working with a friend on adding a more scholarly tone -but till then… — This talk is a cry…

No Sleep Till Bloomsbury.. Learning small lessons from big lectures

In the Summer of 1981, I was 13, and living in rural Leicestershire. I have quite a clear memory of cycling my steel-framed racing bike to the new-ish, big Co-Op supermarket at a few miles away, where they had a small record section. I then rushed back with Motörhead’s No Sleep Till Hammersmith live albumContinue reading “No Sleep Till Bloomsbury.. Learning small lessons from big lectures”

ACE Report: “The most effective methods for ensuring student success are not widely practiced in higher education”

I was recently browsing articles on Inside Higher Ed, and came across one of their ‘Quick Takes’ pieces, about a report from the American Council on Education, entitled Unpacking Relationships: Instruction and Student Outcomes Two things struck me as I ‘quickly took’ the content. The first was the opening statement: Student success depends, in largeContinue reading “ACE Report: “The most effective methods for ensuring student success are not widely practiced in higher education””

Why lectures are brilliant/rubbish, and differentiation reflections

In about 1993, when I was taking my first tentative steps in University teaching, I was invited to a day of staff development training. My memory of that day (indeed, much of that century) is a little hazy, but I do remember being told that that age of the lecture was over. Apparently the wayContinue reading “Why lectures are brilliant/rubbish, and differentiation reflections”

Faith at Gloucester Cathedral

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I was honoured to be featured by the fantastic Gloucester-based artist Russell Haines in his current Faith exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral. He had decided early in the project that an atheist voice/faith was going to be part of the mosaic of ideas and beliefs that his project explores. The project attracted some…

Is written feedback on assignments useless? Listening to Phil Race at Gloucestershire..

On January 20th, we had the pleasure at Gloucestershire to welcome Phil Race, to spend a day with us, talking primarily about the issues of assessment and feedback in Higher Education. You can read more, and download the slides he used, via his blog post about the visit, but I want to focus in hereContinue reading “Is written feedback on assignments useless? Listening to Phil Race at Gloucestershire..”

Getting High in the Low Countries.

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This is a piece I wrote for the Holdbreaker Climbing blog. The original is on their blog, but they seem to have had some technical issues recently, so am mirroring it here… Middle-age, it seems, is full of surprises. Of twists and turns that befuddle attempts at prediction and sense-making. These thoughts…

Eric Stoller talks about Academics and Social Media

At the University of Gloucestershire, in September 2016, I interviewed Eric Stoller about the keynote lecture that he’d just delivered to our Faculty Learning & Teaching Symposium. The lecture had been about Why Academic Must Use Social Media. I invited him, after hearing him speak on a related topic at JISC’s 2016 DigiFest, and he has sharedContinue reading “Eric Stoller talks about Academics and Social Media”

National Teaching Fellowship 2016

Really pleased to be able to announce that I’ve been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy. Obviously I am pleased in a vain, ego-driven, seeker-of-external-validation-in-order-to-justify-my-pointless-existence, kind of way. But there is more to it than that. Where I think the NTF scheme (actually) matters is the focus it puts on learningContinue reading “National Teaching Fellowship 2016”