Language, Words and stuff… Thinking about student note-taking and phone use..

I was privileged last week to teach a class on my colleague’s HM5204 New Media Literacy module here at Gloucestershire, which is part of the English Language/Linguistics area. They are looking at the ways language responds to new, often social, media – and the way language is used in shaping those discourses we find on-line. NormallyContinue reading “Language, Words and stuff… Thinking about student note-taking and phone use..”

Shock News: The future doesn’t exist yet…

Going to Learning and Teaching conferences can be confusing. And annoying. Having spent portions of my time at Philosophy conferences/teaching philosophy and bickering about it (that is, engaged in scholarly debate of  the highest possible standard), I’m used to people being cautious as to what they can claim to know with certainty. People are tentative aboutContinue reading “Shock News: The future doesn’t exist yet…”

Social Media, Educational Engagement and Ethical Boundaries

  In 2013, at the ‘6th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation’ in Seville, I presented this paper, which seems to capture some of the conversations I have been having recently, as more colleagues who were on the outside of the digital/e-learning world have begun, sometimes willingly, to migrate into that space. IContinue reading “Social Media, Educational Engagement and Ethical Boundaries”

Digital who? 

Last week, at JISC’s digifest event, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr Donna Lanclos offer ‘four provocations’: she blogged about them here: While I was interested in the broad sweep of what she had to say – and the conversations that followed in the Q&A, the Digital Native bit caught my attention particularly.Continue reading “Digital who? “

Writing for JISC about Social Media in Higher Education

After being named as one of ‘the 50 most influential higher education (HE) professionals using social media‘ by JISC, last year, I blogged for them in December about the way I’ve been trying to use Social Media in one of the course areas that I work in. The full post is at We also madeContinue reading “Writing for JISC about Social Media in Higher Education”