Schrödinger’s Snowflake.

Too scared to make a phone call, and hear opposing views, while simultaneously the greatest threat to civilisation and ‘Western/enlightenment’ values in living memory? Dr Nicola Rivers and Dr Dave Webster The idea of Schrodinger’s Cat has recently been adopted as a metaphor for numerous cultural phenomena or tropes. You may have seen it related to theContinue reading “Schrödinger’s Snowflake.”

Stop Trying to Fix Students and Start Trying to Fix the University

Dr Nicola Rivers and Dr Dave Webster What do Universities do for students to help them secure a thriving future? They offer them mindfulness; sign them up to resilience programmes; advocate that they cultivate grit, and encourage them to promote themselves as personal brands, ready to do battle in the brutal arena of the precarious, broken gigContinue reading “Stop Trying to Fix Students and Start Trying to Fix the University”

Critiquing Discourses of Resilience in Education

Sat at the Association of National Teaching Fellows one-day event in sunny Birmingham, I found myself engaging in passive-aggressive tweeting about bloody ‘resilience’. On my return, I complained about my disquiet with the way the term, and what it has come to stand for, have become pervasive in some parts of education. With great relief,Continue reading “Critiquing Discourses of Resilience in Education”