e-learn16 – arrival reflections..

My first real encounter with e-learning, technology-enhanced learning, and the way
educators use the opportunities it reflects, in a coherent organised way (I had been prone to playing with VLEs, audio and web-sites before, but rather haphazardly) was at AACE’s e-learn in 2006. I came home and immediately started (what became) www.rpeglos.com – a course blog that still has its uses today..

A decade later, I find myself in Alexandria, VA for e-learn 2016. The e-learn world has IMG_2216.jpgchanged, my work has changed (and I now appear to have turned into an old man), and the educational world is not (as) suspicious of technology, some might even argue education has become rather overly enchanted by it. The title of papers seem to reflect not only initial experiments and tentative steps, but a more mature discipline emerging. Not only has Web2.0 become business-as-usual, but mobile digital has become ubiquitous and Social Media has pushed technology into around 2 billion lives.

If people want to know what I have been up to recently, I’ll be in Wright room at 1:50pm on Monday (November 14th), and then in Edison F at 4:40pm later the same afternoon..  I will blog about the content afterwards – and what people have to say about them..

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