A little while ago, I wrote of review of Marc Carrigan’s Social Media for Academics. The review is now live here in The Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching.

Here is the opening..

If you know the sociologist Mark Carrigan primarily via his twitter account (@mark_carrigan), you may be expecting the kind of in-depth, discipline-specific analysis that only a sociologist can deliver. Thankfully, this is not what you will find in this book. In fact, as a relaxed, useful, easy to read volume, it’s hard to believe it was written by an academic at all. And that is important. Not doubt there is room in the world for complex postmodern readings of how the linguistic innovations prevalent on Tumblr evoke a reprise of the aphorism form as embodied by Seneca (or not), but that doesn’t help a very widespread and specific problem with capability, confidence and value in relation to how academics view Social Media.

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