Social Media (Zombies) and ethics in Higher Education

At the University of East London today – for the Learning and Teaching Symposium: Connected Students event. While my poster might not match the abstract exactly – I’ll share what I promised, and then what I actually delivered. In our zeal to leverage the social tendencies our students, to harness the irresistibility of apps andContinue reading “Social Media (Zombies) and ethics in Higher Education”

Tightrope Walkers: Social Media, Equity, and Educational Practice

I am finally getting round to popping up the link to this. In June, I was delighted to be able to give the keynote lecture at The University of Sheffield’s TELFest event. Click the image to watch a recording of the talk. The description of what I tired to cover is below.   Social MediaContinue reading “Tightrope Walkers: Social Media, Equity, and Educational Practice”

Putting Fun in its Place: Workshop at Social Media in Higher Education conference.

I will be at SocMedHE17, in Sheffield, next week, to deliver a workshop. I have previously, with Dr Nicola Rivers, written about our scepticism of ‘fun’ language in HE, but the session next week will be more specific. I will blog about the participants’ response – but you can get a sense, in the outlineContinue reading “Putting Fun in its Place: Workshop at Social Media in Higher Education conference.”

Building Cohort Identity through Social Media – LTHEchat #96

Update: The Storify of this event is now available at  This coming Wednesday 15th November 8-9PM (GMT), I’m excited to be hosting a Twitter chat for LTHEchat (Learning and Teaching in Higher Education chat). The topic will be: Building Cohort Identity through Social Media. After the event, the chat will be captured via Storify – and IContinue reading “Building Cohort Identity through Social Media – LTHEchat #96”

Public (Free!) Lecture : The Curious Case of Social Media, October 11th 2017

For the third year running, I will be contributing to the University of Gloucestershire’s Public Lecture series. Last year, I did the Christmas Lecture, and in 2015 I gave a (terrifying) Halloween lecture. This time around, I am opening the series with a lecture (tickets HERE), on Social Media. I began to think, publicly, aboutContinue reading “Public (Free!) Lecture : The Curious Case of Social Media, October 11th 2017”

Review of ‘Social Media for Academics’, now published in HEJLT

A little while ago, I wrote of review of Marc Carrigan’s Social Media for Academics. The review is now live here in The Higher Education Journal of Learning and Teaching. Here is the opening.. If you know the sociologist Mark Carrigan primarily via his twitter account (@mark_carrigan), you may be expecting the kind of in-depth, discipline-specific analysisContinue reading “Review of ‘Social Media for Academics’, now published in HEJLT”

Adventures in Flatland: Learning first..

I can’t seem to get used to it. No matter how many times I sit on the train North from Amsterdam, towards Groningen, the flatness of the landscape shocks me. The undulating Cotswolds are hardly mountainous, but by contrast seem an epic landscape. My first ever trip here, oddly enough, was about climbing something, butContinue reading “Adventures in Flatland: Learning first..”

The curious case of social media

I’m really looking forward, next week to giving an opening keynote at an event our Postgraduate Research students have put on. Later in the day, @nikirivers and I will be exploring our ideas around resilience, and there’ll be a range of topics, from Anarchy to horror films (I’ll be hiding my eyes during the latter).Continue reading “The curious case of social media”