Public (Free!) Lecture : The Curious Case of Social Media, October 11th 2017

For the third year running, I will be contributing to the University of Gloucestershire’s Screenshot 2017-09-25 14.54.30.pngPublic Lecture series. Last year, I did the Christmas Lecture, and in 2015 I gave a (terrifying) Halloween lecture. This time around, I am opening the series with a lecture (tickets HERE), on Social Media.

I began to think, publicly, about this topic in a recent keynote, delivered to our postgraduates at an event here, and I have been reflecting on it ever since. The blurb for the event says:

From the heady narratives of liberation from the Arab Spring, and the ideal of a democratic, equal platform where all can find their voice, to the threat of big brother’s data, toxic trolling, online alt-right memes, and vile misogyny, social media threatens to be a dystopian disappointment.

So – I might cover some of that. If you want to find out if I do, see you there..


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