Tightrope Walkers: Social Media, Equity, and Educational Practice

I am finally getting round to popping up the link to this. In June, I was delighted to be able to give the keynote lecture at The University of Sheffield’s TELFest event. Click the image to watch a recording of the talk. The description of what I tired to cover is below.

Screenshot 2018-11-26 08.28.29


Social Media is touted as a panacea for course engagement. As generational stereotypes haunt conversations about students, and lead to fears about the out-of-touch Professor, the lure of ‘going to where they are’ is strong. There is a danger that this pull is so strong that we are blinded by the potential benefits of using Social Media with students and forget possible pitfalls.

This lecture reflects on the ways we might still derive some of these benefits, while being alive and responsive to the ways Social Media can replicate socio-economic, and other, inequities.

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