Quality Assurance and Learning Technology

I recently spoke at the Advance HE Curriculum Symposium, and they kindly asked me to write up the talk, integrating reflections from the audience, for their blog. You can read the post HERE. The title was Hybrid learning and teaching: the role of Quality Assurance in ensuring accessible and equitable provision – and I triedContinue reading “Quality Assurance and Learning Technology”

Podcast about shifting to remote/online learning

I spoke over the weekend to philosopher Dr Pat O’Connor, from the Thales’ Well podcast, about the move to online learning. As he said on twitter, “We talked of different aspects of #eLearning like synchronous and asynchronous delivery, managing expectations, value of structure, segmenting on-line classes and other practical tips.” The podcast is live atContinue reading “Podcast about shifting to remote/online learning”

Guest Post: ‘Please turn on your mobile devices’: Polling software in the classroom – Dr Michael Munnik

A Guest post by Dr Michael Munnik, a Lecturer in the Centre for the Study of Islam at Cardiff University. On twitter he is @michaelmunnik When I designed a new module on Religion and the News for Cardiff University’s department of religion and theology, I knew I would have a few hurdles to overcome. As religionContinue reading “Guest Post: ‘Please turn on your mobile devices’: Polling software in the classroom – Dr Michael Munnik”

Adventures in Flatland: Learning first..

I can’t seem to get used to it. No matter how many times I sit on the train North from Amsterdam, towards Groningen, the flatness of the landscape shocks me. The undulating Cotswolds are hardly mountainous, but by contrast seem an epic landscape. My first ever trip here, oddly enough, was about climbing something, butContinue reading “Adventures in Flatland: Learning first..”